Future Bright Trust

Educating orphaned children in South Africa

What do we do?

Future Bright Trust has undertaken to share the load of raising 5 orphaned children who are being cared for by the Sisters of the Community of the Resurrection of Our Lord, an Anglican religious order in Grahamstown, South Africa.

The Sisters provide the home, clothes, food and love while Future Bright Trust provides all the money for their educational needs.


How you can help

Raising children is an expensive undertaking – no matter where in the world you live.

Even state education does not come entirely free as there are always the extras that parents are asked to pay for. Those costs come on top of providing a home, clothes and food. Fortunately the love that children need comes free!

Who are we?

This partnership is really making a difference for children whose lives did not start at all well.

Now they have security and the hope of a future in which they can fulfil our aspiration that they become good Christians and good citizens of South Africa.

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“What we love about Future Bright is that we get regular updates on how the children are progressing, we see photos of them in their daily live and we had the privilege of meeting them in person last summer – which was such a delight! We feel that we are able to fully connect the dots between our intentions when we make the donations and what happens in practice to support these wonderful children to be educated, learn about life and have the opportunity to grow up being great humans in the world.”