What we do

All the children attend state schools. In theory this is provided free but in reality things are very different. Limited Education Department budgets mean that parents have to pay much for each child to attend a state school;

A fee or a donation to the school they attend – whichever word is used it means much the same

Stationery – each child is given a long list of requirements as no stationery whatsoever is provided by the school. The list includes toilet rolls and boxes of tissues – each child must bring an allocated amount to put in the school store room

Uniform – South African schools are very keen on uniform and the children look so smart each morning. Much of the clothing is cheaply made so does not last too long…and the shoes! Well… boys and school shoes are soon parted!

School bag, lunch box, water bottle

School fundraising events – regular “cookie days” and “dress down days” help to swell school funds but it is yet another cost for parents

School outings

Extra lessons – these extracurricular events ie music, swimming etc that help children to develop

School photographs – important memories for adult life, but expensive for parents


The Mother Superior monitors all education expenditure and on receipt of this information, Future Bright Trust sends the exact amount back to the convent.

The Sisters pay for their food, clothing and housing but they never need to worry about how they can afford to meet all the costs of school.

The Trustees ensure that not only are they raising enough money to meet these immediate needs but are building a fund that will be available when the children move on to high schools and very likely to higher education.

At the same time, Sue Hennessy has, at her own expense, made 2 visits a year to Grahamstown to fulfil her promise to be hands on. Not only is it a great pleasure for her to spend so much time with the children and give another pair of hands to the Sisters, but it helps ensure that the charity is fulfilling its objectives.

Every time she passes this sign in Johannesburg Airport, she feels a confidence that we are on the right track.

“This was just the charity we were looking for, to help with those little extras for the children’s education and to realise their true potential.”